e-jobsheet.com allows commercial tire contract holders to “connect” with service providers in order to exchange work data via tablet devices, and in doing so streamline each other’s operations.

Every participating company must be identified through a registration process before they can transact at e-jobsheet.com.

Once registered, each company’s administrator will receive secure login details which will allow them to access the management platform – known as TiDaeX™ - and create and maintain locations, managers for each location, and named fitters associated with locations on behalf of their company. Tablet devices are also individually registered.

Contract, fleet and fitment details can be uploaded onto the platform. This will ensure compliance with the contract holder’s service requirements.

Commercial tire service providers can download e-jobsheet tablet software to undertake work on their own fleets or, on behalf of 3rd parties via a “connection”.

The e-jobsheet tablet software has been designed to operate on most digital tablet devices.

There are two subscription models available to tire service providers for the e-jobsheet tablet software:

  • standalone, which is an entry-level offering and will allow a service provider to receive a digital image of each completed job sheet back
    via email, or
  • integrated, which in addition to transmitting the digital image back to an email address will also send job transaction data back to the subscriber in a format available for integration into contract, stock, billing and management software modules.