what we do

e-jobsheet.com is a multi-language, digital tablet-driven work exchange for truck, bus and van tires.

Participants “connect” to each other through the cloud-based exchange.

When “connected” at e-jobsheet.com, commercial tire contract holders can control:

  • What work needs carrying out
  • Which service provider will attend to it
  • The contract's geographical boundaries (including across borders)
  • The specification to which the work should be carried out, and
  • The duration of the contract between parties

Likewise, “connected” commercial tire service providers can:

  • Receive contract, policy, vehicle and tire data updates to the tablet device
  • Receive and undertake work on behalf of a contract holder
  • Carry out vehicle inspections on behalf of a contract holder
  • Receive visibility of completion of each job almost instantaneously, and
  • Invoice for work completed in minutes

The platform supports a tire service provider managing both direct contracts and 3rd party work.

3rd party “connections” create a flow of data between contract holder and service provider that is seamless, transparent and occurs in near-real time. This in turn aids:

  • Administrative accuracy between parties
  • Operational visibility on a job-by-job basis
  • Precision of vehicle and tire data updates including tire asset tracking
  • Ease and clarity of billing