Do I need to register?
Yes, all companies need to register if they want to participate at e-jobsheet.com.

What about my staff – do they need to register?
No, each registered company will appoint an administrator who controls their roles and functions at e-jobsheet.com.

Is there a helpline?
No, for TiDaeX™ and e-jobsheet Tablet software queries, please contact the Super Administrator once logged in to the TiDaeX™ platform. All correspondence will be electronic.
There are some helpful online tutorials available here.

Where do I source my tablet hardware?
You source your tablet hardware independently, as you would your communications infrastructure - such as SIM cards, broadband or Wi-Fi. The Trial Period is an ideal opportunity to test the system for your business at all layers.

I am a commercial tire service provider. Can I use the platform to manage my own direct contracts?
Yes. You can even do so during the Trial Period.

I am a commercial tire service provider. Am I limited to only "connecting" to 3rd parties that are tire manufacturers?
No. The TiDaeX™ platform will provide commercial service providers with the means to share their contract work with other service providers.

I am a tire manufacturer. Do I receive job data back from a service provider's tablet?
Yes. Both parties will receive the completed job data back from a fitter’s tablet at the same time where the two companies are “connected”.

I am a commercial tire service provider and I have requested a “connection” with a tire manufacturer to do work on their behalf, but the "connection" request has not been accepted. Is the software faulty?
No. The participant you are trying to "connect" with has not accepted your request. That is a business decision on their part; not a failing of the platform.

I am a commercial tire service provider and I have my own tablet software already. Can I use it in conjunction with TiDaeX™ rather than the e-jobsheet tablet software?
Yes, by arrangement. Have your tablet software's developer Contact Us.

I am a commercial tire service provider. How much will I pay for e-jobsheet subscriptions?
Subscription fees are visible to all parties here.

I am a commercial tire service provider and I have been "disconnected" from another participant for whom I was providing services. What should I do?
Contact the company independently to ask them about it. They have made a decision to "disconnect" you which is of their choosing. It is not a system fault.

What is the difference between a standalone e-jobsheet subscription and the more expensive integrated version?
The difference is that the standalone subscription will deliver a digital copy of the signed job sheet back to the service provider by email. 
The integrated version will in addition also send the data back to the service provider in a format available for population into contract, stock, billing and other management software modules.

I am a fleet contract holder. Is there a standard format in which I can upload referential data such as contract, fleet and vehicle updates into the TiDaeX™ platform?
Yes, there are standard formats available for download here.

What happens when two participants "disconnect"?
The service provider will stop receiving referential data such as contract, fleet, fitment and vehicle updates to their e-jobsheet tablet software via the TiDaeX™ platform, and the fleet contract holder will no longer receive completed job data back from the fitter’s tablet.

I am a commercial tire service provider. Is there any limit to the amount of "connections" I can have with contract holders?
No. So long as the contract holders accept your requests to "connect".

I am a commercial tire service provider. Why is it that my named fitters find the operation and “flow” of the e-jobsheet tablet software slightly different between completing work for one fleet contract holder and another?
This is by design. The referential data issued to the e-jobsheet Tablet Software from the TiDaeX™ platform will dictate how a job is completed. All contract holders contributing referential data on to TiDaeX™ enjoy being able to impose specific requirements on how jobs are completed down to an individual contract level.