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e-jobsheet.com is a multi-language, digital tablet-driven work exchange for truck, bus and van tires.

Commercial tire service providers can use the platform to manage their own direct fleet contracts or, connect to 3rd parties (such as tire manufacturers, tire dealer networks or indeed other tire service providers) in order to both commission work through TiDaeX™, and complete work using the e-jobsheet tablet.


Once company fitters have downloaded the e-jobsheet app and have received their login details, they are active on the system.

Service providers can take advantage of the free one calendar month Trial Period.


Tire service providers have the 1 calendar month Trial Period during which they are free to terminate their commitment on e-jobsheet.com at any time.

Connecting to other participating companies on the exchange is only possible once you have moved from the Trial Period into the Subscription (or Chargeable) Period.

To submit cancellation within the Trial Period go to the TiDaeX™ Dashboard and complete the termination process initiated by the Terminate option.

During the Trial period any cancellation request is immediate & there is no fee to cancel.

If the commitment is not cancelled within the Trial Period, users are committing to a 12 month contract.

The Schedule of Rates for Subscriptions is available here.

Subscription Cancellation Policy

Subscribers can choose to either reduce or terminate their subscriptions one calendar month from the end of the 12 month Subscription Period.

Users will be prompted within the Application Dashboard when the calendar month preceding the renewal date is active.

To submit changes to subscription numbers or elect cancellation, go to the Application Dashboard & complete the required option i.e. either terminate or add fitters or delete fitters.

The change & cancellation request is immediately recorded but will only take place on the 12 month anniversary date.

There is no fee to cancel.