e-jobsheet, through the management platform TiDaeX, allows participants to connect to each other through a cloud-based exchange e.g., a tire service provider connects to a contract holder (or holders) to share data and in turn improve their respective operations.

All connected parties receive the same data (completed job cards) directly from the technicians' app (passing through TiDaeX, acting as a postal service). This applies for all types of tire service work:

  • Breakdowns
  • Scheduled or ad hoc work
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Fleet Audits (multiple vehicles in one location)
  • Supply only (“Proof of delivery in form of a receipt”)

This means that dealer tire management systems, online billing systems, call management platforms can simultaneously be updated each time a job is completed on the tablet app amongst connected parties.

TiDaeX allows the contract holder to pull data from the platform and push data to TiDaeX. This way the contract holder maintains firm control over their interaction with the system.
By being “connected”, the flow of data created between contract holders and service providers that is automated, bound within a single process, transparent and occurs in near-real time helps support:

  • Operational visibility
  • Fitter/work accuracy due to contract, policy, vehicle and tyre data being available on the tablet device (if contract holder chooses too).
  • A clear basis for dispute resolution as both parties will receive the same documentation and data back.
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