The e-jobsheet app makes use of the increasingly wide consumer-acceptance and cost-effectiveness of digital tablet technology to deliver process improvements on an industrial scale, with software that has been designed to operate on most digital tablet devices.

You’ll source tablets from a local supplier, independently, just as you would your communications infrastructure. We recommend Android tablets with at least 16Gb of memory to store and share data effectively. The e-jobsheet app operates both in and out of mobile signal for continuous tire service operations so we only recommend that the tablet is SIM-enabled. It is not necessary to have a tablet that can hook up to mobile data. Jobs that are originated off the app, even where signal is poor or non-existent, will be uploaded onto TiDaeX when connected to Wi-Fi, supporting “offline” operations.

Most of our user base have Android 7” or 8” tablets with 2* cameras for use in the field as photos can be attached to the digital job cards for extra ‘proof’ that are then sent back on job completion.

Your tablets:

  • Android
  • At least 16Gb memory
  • 7” or 8” size
  • SIM-enabled
  • Independently sourced

For more information and how to download the app to your Tablet follow this link to Google Play Store

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