The All-Purpose Tire Service App

Auto-share digital documents and data with connected customers and partners.

e-jobsheet – what is it? allows commercial tire contract holders to “connect” with service providers...
in order to exchange work data via tablet devices, and in doing so streamline each other’s operations.
e-jobsheet – who is it for? e-jobsheet is a tire service platform where dealers use digital tablet technology to share fleet service data ...
with connected partners; creating a flow of data between contract holder and service provider that is seamless, transparent and occurs in near-real time.
What is TiDaeX™ ? TiDaeX is a digital tire service data work exchange, and e-jobsheet is its native connected app...
Acting as the management platform, all facets of the job are accounted for from start to finish and can be overviewed on TiDaeX.

4 Steps to streamline your operations

1 Register your company

Register now and take the opportunity to evaluate our tablet software.

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2 Download the e-jobsheet app onto your tablets

The e-jobsheet app makes use of the increasingly wide consumer-acceptance and cost-effectiveness of digital tablet technology to deliver process improvements on an industrial scale.

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3 Set up your subscription

There are two subscription models available, Standalone or Integrated (ERP/POS systems) see Partners You’ll also need to sign our online Ts & Cs and have a debit or credit card on hand ready to subscribe.

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4 Activate fitters and receive job cards

The system generates its own digital documents providing a paperless solution and sending completed records between contracting parties, reducing administrative cost and data inaccuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all companies need to register if they want to participate at

No, each registered company will appoint an administrator who controls their roles and functions at

No, for TiDaeX™ and e-jobsheet Tablet software queries, please contact the Super Administrator once logged in to the TiDaeX™ platform. All correspondence will be electronic. There are some helpful online tutorials available here.
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