trial access & subscription

e-jobsheet.com provides tire service providers with a one month Trial Period on the e-jobsheet tablet software, free of charge.

The service provider will need to register on TiDaeX™ first.

After the one month trial, the tire service provider will move onto a subscription basis.

The purpose of the Trial Period is to allow service providers to familiarise themselves with the platform by using it initially on their “own” contracts and at the same time, take the opportunity to evaluate tablet hardware, check mobile network coverage (or other wireless options), and generally plan system use for the longer term.

The Subscription - or Chargeable - Period, is 12 months in duration and will allow use of the e-jobsheet tablet software for as many named fitters as have been created on TiDaeX™.

“Connection” to 3rd parties is possible within a Subscription Period in order to complete service work on their behalf. This is not the case during the Trial Period.

The rates per connection per month for named fitters within a Subscription Period are charged in UK£ (or its forex equivalent), and can be inspected here. Fees are charged monthly in advance.

For full details, please examine the Terms and Conditions here.