22 February 2024 - Compilator signs up to TiDaeX integration with e-jobsheet to prepare for service dealer expansion

Compilator AB, part of UK-based Kerridge Commercial Systems Limited, is partnering with Mobile IT Apps to deliver TiDaeX™ integration with the e-jobsheet all-purpose tire service app for the UK and the Republic of Ireland and in anticipation of its planned expansion into Scandinavia and North America. The integrated partnership will be formally introduced at the ITIA conference in Dublin on 29 February 2024.

The move will enable commercial tyre service providers and retailers to auto-share digital documents and work data with tyre contract holders via tablet devices, leveraging their connectivity with (for now) four tyre manufacturers to streamline their operations and make them more efficient. The digital exchange creates a flow of data that is seamless, transparent and in near real-time, reducing the admin workload and ensuring it is more accurate.

Mike Glover, sales director for Compilator AB, says, “e-jobsheet has become the standard for tyre work exchange digitisation in Europe so there was no requirement for us to invest in our own system and compete or conflict with what our customers want to achieve. This is a true end-to-end technical partnership.”

Steve Daly, director of Mobile IT Apps, adds, “With its potential global reach as part of the Kerridge group, which currently operates in 70 countries, Compilator can automatically achieve digitisation for connected tyre service providers and help them make the connection to tyre manufacturers and other contract holders – including Breakdown services - so their tyre work together in all territories can be as efficient as possible, from start to finish.”

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