06th Aug 2018 - e-jobsheet Surpasses the 1,000 Subscriber Mark

e-jobsheet Surpasses the 1,000 Subscriber Mark

e-jobsheet is now marking a new milestone with 1,000 integrated and standalone subscribers linked to the TiDaeX™ online hub.

e-jobsheet Goes Past 1,000 Subscribers

CAMAs a result, commercial tyre service operations are now enjoying multiple benefits including time savings and efficiencies, reductions in costs as well as improvements in service agility, business accuracy and operational visibility.

Daniel Coomer, General manager at TAB Tyres who is additionally an e-jobsheet business subscriber said, “Using e-jobsheet across our commercial tyre service business has really changed our operations. "

Coomer continued, "We have enhanced our service to our customers by improving efficiencies and data dissemination, providing full visibility of work carried out, which is almost instantaneously available back from the field.”

Steve Daly, director of mIT@, comments, “It’s very gratifying that the significant investment made into the development of e-jobsheet is now bearing fruit, delivering considerable benefits to customers.”


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