30th March 2016 - mIT@ makes e-jobsheet.com multilingual

mIT@ is making e-jobsheet.com available in three major European languages, as the company seeks greater penetration on the continent. The digital tablet-based work exchange for truck, bus, and van tyres is going live in French, German and Spanish.

Steve Daly, director of mIT@, says, “We’re delighted that e-jobsheet.com is now talking multiple languages.  We’re confident this ‘everyman’ solution will continue to gain in strength, as it makes inroads in Europe.  It will scale from a single fitter operation to dozens of fitters, and will allow service providers to use the digital tablet to enjoy improved and more efficient work management, eventually delivering upstream value to participating fleet contract holders as well.”

The e-jobsheet.com site offers a cloud-based job launch and work management platform within the e-jobsheet subscription. It supports breakdown work, vehicle inspections, scheduled service work and supply/movement of tyre(s) for any subscribing service provider, even those with a single fitter.

The software has been designed to improve the visibility and operational agility of field and depot commercial tyre service operations. It will allow business owners to see each stage that a fitter is at while work is in progress or indeed, where jobs have been rejected or put on hold. In addition, completed job details are professionally presented via a branded and formatted electronic document. A free 30-day trial is available.

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