16th September 2015 - e-jobsheet.com available as a standalone free trial

e-jobsheet.com, the multi-language, digital tablet-driven work exchange for truck, bus and van tyres went ‘live’ on 16 September as a ‘standalone’ system. This entry level offering provides a cloud-based job launch and work management platform within the e-jobsheet subscription, which aims to appeal to all service providers, even those with a single fitter.

The software has been designed to improve the visibility of field and depot commercial service operations. The standalone offering supports breakdown work, vehicle inspections, scheduled work and supply/movement of tyre(s) for the subscribing service provider.

Launching initially in four languages, the system is now accepting registrants online at e-jobsheet.com. Service providers can then sign up for a free 30-day trial to put the platform through its paces and experience the many time-saving and efficiency benefits it can offer their businesses.

Steve Daly, director of mIT@, said: “We’re delighted that e-jobsheet.com is now open for business. It’s an ‘everyman’ solution. For example, the financial model is based upon most digital subscription services where you trial it for a month and then either stay with the service for a chargeable contract period or decide it’s not for you. It will also scale from a single fitter operation to dozens. In the end though, we feel confident it will allow service providers to get their hands on a digital tablet and enjoy the improved and more efficient work management approach it offers, eventually delivering upstream value to participating fleet contract holders as well.”

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